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We return to Central Florida, our home base!

Mediumship Galleries each day
including central Florida native Clairvoyant Medium Jerry McDaniel! 
Also, new workshops and speakers.  See below 

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Fair Hours:
10:00am-6pm  Saturday       
10:00am-5:00pm  Sunday           
Plenty of free parking ~ Food available on site
General Admission ticket pre-sales have now closed.  Workshop tickets still available here while they last.  Admission tickets available at the door.
Still want the admission discount? Pay cash at the door and ask for the "Star Discount"
you'll still receive the online price of
only $9/Day or $14/Weekend 



We have a phenomenal array of vendors, practitioners, healers, and 

speakers set for the entire weekend!



  • Henna Artist

  • Aura Photography

  • Animal Communication

  •  Massage & Reflexology

  • Face Painting for kids & adults

  • Lots of crystals

  • Clothing

  • Sound tools

  • Kids offerings at vendors booths

  • Muchos vendedores hablan español



Special Guests from Across the Country!

Tony Losito.jpg

Tony Losito

Psychic Medium & Author

Known widely as the “Psychic Cop”, Tony is a retired law enforcement officer who experienced a NDE at age 18 and a spiritual awakening after responding to the events of 9/11 as Rescue & Recovery Worker. 
He is also the Author of “Woke, The Spiritual Awakening of a 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker, and “Sacred Obligation, The Story of America’s Cop”, both available on Amazon.

Lanie sevante.jpg

Lainie Wulkan

"The Food Oracle"

Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan is a Multi-Modality Intuitive Healer, Founder of CIFT – Center for Intuitive Food Therapy, #1 International Bestselling Author, Oracle Deck Creatress and exclusive USA importer of the Nourish Your Soul Ayurvedic brand of teas and incense from Nepal.  She leads "Nourish Your Soul Retreats", and has the  YouTube Channel "Nourish Your Soul Show".

Scott Donat.jpg

Scott Donat

Reflexologist and Transformational Healer

'The Foot Guy', Scott is an ordained minister, Reiki Master, & certified in Hypnosis & Reflexology.  He is the creator of Wellness Spheres, & author of bestselling book "Emotive Reflex Method". Using the ancient  technique of Reflexology, he leads you to discover what your subconscious is telling you. 

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Jolie DeMarco

Psychic Clairvoyant Channel & Crystal Expert

Jolie is a Rockin' International author, Psychic & Meditation Master, & author of 8 books, 2 with Llewelyn Worldwide Publishing  She launched the Roku & Foxfire TV shows " My Metaphysical Channel",  and was seen on TLC.  She is the proprietor of an Enchanted Mindful Healing Center & has an online Crystal  store.

Special Workshops and Events
these require an extra ticket and may be purchased at the door if seats are available
admission not included

Picasso 1.jpg

Mediumship Gallery: Messages of Healing & Light with  Psychic Medium Picasso Roberts

Sunday, March 3, 12-2pm  $20

A two-hour presentation

Join Picasso while she connects you with your loved ones on the other side at this joyous and healing Spirit Fest event. Picasso will open up to Spirit and as they come through she will work with evidence based information given from Spirit to help make that connection. Spirit knows exactly what it is we need and they are here to make sure we get it. Although we sometimes feel its all about us and how we are dealing with the loss of our loved ones, it is also about the healing of Spirit. They are here to give validation to us that there is so much more to experience than what it is that we see with our eyes. There is almost always laughter along with a few tears and the validation we are looking for to prove that we are not alone. Picasso has been channeling since 2005. She has travelled extensively learning about Spirit communications and healing modalities. She attended the Arthur Findlay College in England, and is the author of "Walking the Way, a Story of Strength, Courage, and Introduction to Spirit". She has her own YouTube channel with weekly shows.

Jerry McD.jpg

Mediumship Gallery:

Inside the Afterlife

with Clairvoyant Medium Jerry McDaniel

Saturday, March 2, 12-2pm $20 

A two-hour presentation

Ever wonder where we go when we die? Hear about existence and receive message from the other side through long-time Clairvoyant Medium - a channel for those who have crossed over. Jerry describes our existence beyond the five senses, where the afterlife is, based on the thousands of readings he has given. Learn what those on the other side want us to know, through his interactions and communications with Spirit. Those in attendance will be chosen at random for a message from Spirit. Receive affirmations of life after death, or a message Spirit wants you to hear. Jerry McDaniel is extremely accurate and detailed with information from those that have crossed over. His loving and gentle spirit lends to the peace and spiritual presence of the gathering. Seating is limited to 50 people, so please pre-register. Walk-ins are welcome if there are seats available. Children are welcome if they have an interest in the subject matter and can sit for 2 hours.

Anyone can learn to read Tarot Cards! In this fun, informative and interactive workshop, Cindy will teach you how to read the cards for your own guidance, self-discovery, personal growth, meditation, and, if you wish, to set out on a path of reading for others to aid their spiritual journeys. Cindy will help you understand how to interpret the many symbols on the cards and how numerology, archetypes, elemental and magical associations, among other things, figure into them. You’ll learn basic layout methods. Most importantly, you’ll get guidance on learning to find, use and trust your own innate intuition – a gift we all possess! Best of all, attendees will have the opportunity to try out what they learn during the workshop which is always fun! Cindy has 40+ years of experience as Professional Tarot Reader, Teacher and Spiritual Advisor. She is our special guest, coming to Orlando from Memphis, TN.

Judi Weaver - Sq.png

Meet Your Guardians, Angels, & Guides" Workshop

with Rev. Judi Weaver

Sunday, 10am-12pm  $20

Are you looking for guidance, understanding and a clear sense of direction? Join Rev. Judi Weaver for this extraordinary experiential gathering where you will be introduced to Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Masters and Teachers who are each ready and waiting for you! You will be guided through a deep meditation to create a personal connection, which may be a first-time meeting or strengthening your current relationships. You will learn to connect, ask questions and get answers! Rev. Judi is a Master Metaphysician, Trance Channel Medium and Shamanic Healer who has been providing services since the early 1990’s. She is the designated Grandmother in Cassadaga, Florida; published Author of Guided by Your Light & Truth Beyond; founder of Heart 4 Souls a nonprofit dedicated to spiritual development and healing modalities; and coordinator of Spiritual Development Travel to Peru. Her diverse skill set and years of experience make her a valuable resource for those seeking spiritual guidance and healing. For more information about Rev. Judi visit

Tarot Card Deck

Learn Tarot Workshop

with experienced Tarot Reader

Special Guest Cindy McMullin

Saturday, March 2, 2-4pm  $20


Mind Body Workshop for Empaths, Sensitives, & the Anxious

with Carolyn Green, RN

Sunday, March 3, 2-4pm  $20

In this workshop Carolyn Green RN, also know as "The Energy Nurse", addresses the Mind Body Connection to the Heart. She states it is important to have a better understanding on how we function through our hearts. This class is interactive and helpful tools will be taught such as methods of grounding, learning to scan the energetic heart, heart clearing and basic heart anatomy to better visualize the energetic heart. Holding on to old energy impacts the whole body and you will learn why. Learn to language your emotions on the empathic scale. Empaths, sensitive people, and those with anxiety can accumulate so much non productive energy as well as holding on to residual energy and thought patterns that no longer serve us. We will discuss heart storage and learn to navigate it. This class will give you a better understanding of the body mind connection and address the vagal nerve responses and how it impacts the heart as well as the whole body. You will learn to develop your personalized care plan based on your needs and how you function to navigate it. This class will give you a better understanding of the body mind connection and address the vagal nerve responses and how it impacts the heart as well as the whole body. You will learn to develop your personalized care plan based on your needs and how you function empathically. Learn about emotional filters and how to work with them. As a nurse Certified Energy Practitioner and Life Coach Carolyn will show you the power within which we harbor, she has lived the empathic life since childhood. This class will be stimulating, enlightening, fun and yes- even Heartwarming! Registration for the workshop is $20, which does not include admission to Spirit Fest Orlando. For more info on Carolyn

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