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Fair Hours:
10:00am-6pm  Saturday         Admission $12/day or $18 weekend
10:00am-5:30pm  Sunday       Discounted tickets available here

           Food available on site
General Admission ticket  pre-sales have ended. 
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Pay in cash at the door and say you want the "Ocean Discount"!
Workshop tickets are available online or at the door.

Discounted Admission & More
Online Ticket Purchase Special:
Only $10/Day or  $15/Weekend 

We have a phenomenal array of vendors, practitioners, healers, and speakers set for the entire weekend!



Henna Artist

Animal Communicator

Massage & Reflexology

Lots of crystals

Kids offerings at vendors booths

Speakers included with admission each day!
See the full lineup for each day, below - click here
Don't miss all the exciting special events as well, below

Special Guests from Across the Country!

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Quantum Balance Crystals

Tammy has been helping people balance their energy, and teaching about the power of color for 14 years.  She often appears at major national events such as Conscious Life Expo and Hay House Events.

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​Carolyn is known as "The Energy Nurse".  A registered nurse since 1982, she is also a certified medical intuitive and life coach. Carolyn integrates all aspects of her knowledge and abilities to each individual in her practice.

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Conscious Medium

Brandon is Conscious Medium, world class Astrologer, speaker, & teacher, coming to us from upstate New York.  He has trained under International Mediums, Shamans & Spiritual Leaders.   He is a YouTube sensation, check out his channel!



Psychic Medium

Betsy is a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Galactic Energy Healer, and Teacher. She has Communication with Ascended Masters and Higher Sources. She practices Energy Healing and teaches protection work; She is closely connected to Cosmic Beings in the Earth and space realms.

Special Workshops and Events - scroll to see all
Reserve your space here - tickets may be purchased at the door only if seats are available during Spirit Fest

Funny You Should Say That!

Messages from a Medium and More 


Sunday April 30th, 12-2pm $25

This 2 hour experience is a mediumship gallery, messages from Spirit or from those crossed over.
Brandon Russ has been a professional Medium for over 10 years. He has performed thousands of readings and galleries. His Gallery Readings can be best described as entertaining, uplifting and fun. His all-inclusive approach to delivering messages will have you smiling and feeling like you are a part of every reading. He delivers messages from loved ones with humor and laughter, all while weaving in stories of his experiences as a Medium.

DOORS CLOSE 10 minutes after the start of the gallery so as not to disrupt the mediumship.

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ONLY $45

Finding Your Intuition & Natural Gifts

Psychic Development Workshop


Saturday April 29th, 2-4pm


Are you ready to connect the dots? You know you are part of something bigger, but how do you get there? Understanding how intuition works will help you develop. This spiritual gift unlocked will help you be a better practitioner, friend, parent, whatever your walk of life is. This class will show you the basics of how YOU operate and how you can master them with focus. They have always been there and now it's TIME! 

As a developed Medium, Brandon learned many disciplines from top level International Mediums, Qi Gong Masters, Shamans and Spiritual Leaders. Seeking to understand all the dynamics of developing spiritual gifts for healing and elevating the consciousness of the world, Brandon holds certificates in Advanced Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Past Life Regression, Sound Healing and is a Reiki Master Teacher. He recently published his first book "Funny You Should Say That!".  He is an excellent teacher.  With a Bachelor's Degree in Organization Management, he utilizes skills he acquired as an Executive in Corporate Recruiting for over 15 years.  His personal and relatable style enhance his top-notch psychic, mediumship, and astrology talents.


Vibrational Frequency Workshop

Sunday, April 30th

2-4pm   $30 

If you want a better life experience, get on the fast track and change your vibrational frequency today! Every person, and the entire world is made up of 100% energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency is a vibrational signature and an energetic blueprint that determines what is attracted and can be manifested into the person’s life. This is because you cannot bring your desires, dreams and wishes into your life, unless you are vibrating at the frequency of those dreams, wishes and desires. Energy does not bring us what we want. Energy only brings us who we are. Who we are – depends on the vibrational signature, and determines your life experience. In this workshop participants will work with energy (LEP Frequency Tool) to learn how to identify and raise their personal vibrational frequency to create not only the life that they want, but the future they want to face. The workshop is engaging and information immediately useful. It includes personal vibrational frequency readings, and a Q & A segment. Dr. Ana Harvey is known as Dr. Phenomena because of her life’s work in the life phenomena of human beings. She is a retired psychology professor, who holds a doctoral degree in Education (Grand Canyon University) and two Masters degrees, in Psychology (Northcentral University) and Public Administration (Marist College) along with a Bachelors of Science Degree (Marist College). She is a master of energy work and a popular international inspirational speaker and author of several bestselling books which can be found at In addition to seminars, Dr. Harvey offers instruction for groups and holds individual appointments to assist people to identify and raise their personal vibrational frequencies so that they can quickly create the future they want to live. Individuals can also take one of her courses and raise their consciousness to peak highs, at a rapid speed by using the LEP Frequency Tool.

Beyond the Rational Realm Front.jpg

Mediumship Gallery:

Inside the Afterlife

Saturday, April 29th, 12-2pm $20 

A two-hour presentation

Ever wonder where we go when we die? Hear about existence and receive message from the other side through long-time Clairvoyant Medium - a channel for those who have crossed over. Jerry describes our existence beyond the five senses, where the afterlife is, based on the thousands of readings he has given. Learn what those on the other side want us to know, through his interactions and communications with Spirit. Those in attendance will be chosen at random for a message from Spirit. Receive affirmations of life after death, or a message Spirit wants you to hear. Jerry McDaniel is extremely accurate and detailed with information from those that have crossed over. His loving and gentle spirit lends to the peace and spiritual presence of the gathering. Seating is limited to 50 people, so please pre-register. Walk-ins are welcome if there are seats available. Children are welcome if they have an interest in the subject matter and can sit for 2 hours.


Create Your Own Spirit Rattle Workshop

Sunday April 30th, 11am - 1pm


Mike & Angela Canady are sacred tool creators, energy workers & spiritual helpers. With their gentle guidance, you create your powerful Buffalo Spirit Rattle in this two hour workshop. You will gain a deep connection to your rattle through shamanic journeying. You will learn how to work with Buffalo to create abundance and to connect to your ancestors & guides. The Canadys are creators and owners of Spirit Rising, a wonderful business specializing in spiritual tools. For more info on Mike and Angela: You can also find Spirit Rising on Facebook.

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Supernatural Psychic   Abilities Class

Sunday, April 30th

10am-12pm   $25

In this focused Psychic Development Workshop, acclaimed Psychic Medium Vickie Gay will engage you in different aspects to educate you in subjects termed 'supernatural and bizarre', which you will learn are natural to you. For those at every level of study. Vickie’s classes assist you to believe, appreciate, and learn Psychic and Mediumship skills. This class is for beginners to advanced. You will learn, witness and experience something new as Vickie tunes into you and is guided to teach you your next mystic quest. Learn techniques to know the thoughts of your friends, loved ones, co-workers. Skills to communicate and explore the world of Spirit. Learn about how to communicate with your loved ones crossed over to the other side. And what ever mystic quest she is guided to teach when she tunes into you, such as transfiguration, table tipping, and the many skills she uses in ghost investigation and the world event Parafest guidance of lost souls to the light. It is in the hands of the ethereal to tailored this two hour class to the group. Vickie believes as soon as you sign up for this class spirit will be working with you. Vickie Gay is a Professional Psychic Reader, Spiritual Medium, Author, Speaker, and Teacher with years of experience since 1994. Certified by the American Federation of Psychics & Mediums Inc. Of over 17,000 lightworkers from 83 countries she was voted World’s Best & America’s #1 in both categories Psychic and Medium. She appears on the book covers and interviews in over 25 best seller books written by Maximillian de Lafayette. Vickie is the author of 3 Prophecy books and 1 Psychic Instructional book sold on Amazon and books store. She worked with the FBI solve murder cases & helps people around the world with her spiritual abilities.


Mind Body Workshop for Empaths, Sensitives, & the Anxious

Saturday, April 29th

10am-12pm       $15

In this workshop Carolyn Green RN, also know as "The Energy Nurse", addresses the Mind Body Connection to the Heart. This class is interactive and helpful tools will be taught such as methods of grounding, learning to scan the energetic heart, heart clearing and basic heart anatomy to better visualize the energetic heart. Holding on to old energy impacts the whole body and you will learn why. Learn to language your emotions on the empathic scale. Empaths, sensitive people, and those with anxiety can accumulate so much non productive energy as well as holding on to residual energy and thought patterns that no longer serve us. We will discuss heart storage and learn to navigate it. You will learn to develop your personalized care plan based on your needs and how you function empathically. Learn about emotional filters and how to work with them. As a nurse Certified Energy Practitioner and Life Coach Carolyn will show you the power within which we harbor, she has lived the empathic life since childhood. This class will be stimulating, enlightening, fun and yes- even Heartwarming!


Inter-Stellar DNA Activation

Saturday, April 29th

4-6pm      $15

We are now entering into frequencies of an era which demands that we adopt a life that is more enlightened. This Arcturian activation will be presented by Psychic Medium Betsy Perez, who is profoundly connected to Ascended Masters, Galactics, and Higher Vibrational Sources. The activation and information you'll receive during this event will support you in embracing the current physical change of the planet. A transformation will begin by activating ALL the dormant blueprints found in the DNA. This activation initiates holistic change, propelling you to the pinnacle of what you can accomplish in this lifetime and granting you access to your gifts and talents, allowing you to fulfill your life dreams and destiny. Gain the following benefits from this activation: • Increase your Telepathy! • Make Use of ALL Your Brain Power! • Be present in the NOW! • Unlock your Potential and Abilities! • Raise your level of awareness! • Live to Your Full Potential! • Become Spiritually and Materially Abundant! • Discover your Soul's Purpose During this workshop, we will discuss: • New technique to help with physical energy and use it as a pick-me-up throughout the day when you are feeling worn out. Having sufficient physical energy allows you to live life to the fullest. • Energize your Foods with a high vibration. Prior to eating, bless your food, raising its vibration and consciousness so that it will be more beneficial to your body. • Establish relationships of divine oneness with your partner, close friends, family, and others. You will become more aware of your divinity as a result, and you will be more in tune with your goal of serving both yourself and others. Learn the seven steps for a happy existence. • Elevate the energy on your property by holding a private ceremony to harmonize all areas with the galactic vibe. • Activate your universal consciousness to connect with the galactic energies that are already within you. • Discover a unique meditation technique that brings assistance from your galactic family. Learn the seven steps for a happy existence. ***Everyone’s experience will differ. Betsy Perez is a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Galactic Energy Healer, Teacher & Mentor. She has Communication with Ascended Masters, Galactic’s, and Higher Vibrational Sources.

The largest Holistic and Metaphysical Expo comes to Daytona Beach!
Join us for special workshops and Mediumship Gallery
Speakers all day, both days, included with admission.
The BEST practitioners, readers, and vendors from across the country!

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