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Our first event of 2023

It's HUGE! 
Join us for special workshops and Mediumship Gallery, see below.
Speakers all day, both days, included with admission.

Sponsored by

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Fair Hours:
10:00am-6pm  Saturday         Admission $12/day or $18 weekend
10:00am-5:30pm  Sunday       Discounted tickets available here

          Plenty of free parking ~ Food available on site
Spirit Fest Lakeland
Jul 15, 10:00 AM – Jul 17, 5:30 PM
RP Funding Center,
701 W Lime St, Lakeland, FL 33815, USA
Discounted Admission & More!
Purchase Tickets Here
All speakers included with admission each day!
Online Ticket Purchase Special:
Only $10/Day or  $15/Weekend 

Interested in being a vendor?  Click here

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We have a phenomenal array of vendors, practitioners, healers, and 

speakers set for the entire weekend!


  • Henna Artist

  • Animal Communicator

  • Massage & Reflexology

  • Face Painting for kids & adults

  • Lots of crystals

  • Kids offerings at vendors booths

Our Special Guests

Co-creation & Manifestation Workshop
Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever!
Saturday, January 21, 10:00am-12:00pm  $15 

2023 best year ever.jpg

If you've ever felt the discouragement of giving up on your New Year's Resolutions & dreams, and wondered if there was a better way to achieve those big goals of yours, then this is the workshop for you!   
You deserve to have every area of your life just the way you want it – your health, your career, your relationships, your friendships, your spirituality, your purpose.  Are you ready to achieve those dreams?  
In this practical and fun two-hour workshop, we'll:

  • Get clarity on what you want and identify your best soul-aligned goal for 2023

  • Begin to develop a plan of action

  • Reveal ways to remove limiting beliefs & fears that might challenge your progress

  • Discover how to bring your Angels & Guides on board to help you

  • Be inspired with the courage, confidence and motivation to achieve your dreams

Whether you are looking for small changes or big transformations – this workshop will give you the inspiration, motivation and determination to pursue and reach your 2023 goals and make it your best year ever.  Our time together will include part presentation, part discussion and part experiential, and as time permits, we'll also do a few mini readings with audience members on their 2023 goals. Your host:  Trisha Kirby is a born clairvoyant, professional intuitive, spiritual coach, bio-resonance practitioner and visionary artist. She was born with the unique clairsentient ability to read/sense frequencies around people, places, things, life paths and all choices. She is a gifted guide for those seeking to live their best life through personal and planetary transformation.

Tarot Workshop
Sunday, January 22, 12:00pm-2:00pm   $20

An in-depth workshop for those at every level of mystical study or any spiritual path.  This workshop is extremely popular!
Tarot cards can help stimulate your own psychic abilities and spiritual growth from the first day you pick up your own deck. Even if you don’t read cards for others, you will benefit from gaining some basic understanding of this tradition. This workshop will provide information about Tarot cards and their uses from several different perspectives. Learn how anyone can benefit from these fantastic tools by using simple techniques with your own cards. No memorization required.

You will learn how to formulate questions to ask during a tarot reading. Understanding how and what to ask during a reading will help your own growth and allow you to get specific and pointed answers.

Presented by veteran psychic, tarot reader, and healer Alexander Nemo has been practicing for more than 40 years.

Typically there are spot readings during the workshop.


You'll learn tools that will last a life time!

Admission not included, discounted admission available here.

Inside the Afterlife: Mediumship Gallery & Presentation with Clairvoyant Medium Jerry McDaniel

Ever wonder where we go when we die?  Hear about existence on the other side from long-time Clairvoyant Medium - a channel for those who have crossed over. 
Jerry describes our existence beyond the five senses, where the afterlife is, based on the thousands of readings he has given.  Learn what those on the other side want us to know, through his interactions

Beyond the Rational Realm Front.jpg

Saturday, January 21, 12:00-2:00pm   

$20 - A two hour presentation

Attendees will receive messages from the Other Side.

and communications with Spirit. Those in attendance will be chosen at random for a message from Spirit. Receive affirmations of life after death, or a message Spirit wants you to hear.  

Jerry McDaniel is extremely accurate and detailed with information from those that have crossed over. His loving and gentle spirit lends to the peace and spiritual presence of the gathering.

Seating is limited to 50 people, so please pre-register.  Walk-ins are welcome if there are seats available.

Children are welcome if they have an interest in the subject matter and can sit for 2 hours.  

For more information on Jerry

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Remote Viewing Workshop
Sunday, January 22, 2:00pm-4:00pm  $20 

Marti remote viewing.jpg

Join experienced Remote Viewer Marti Melville Angeloni for this in-depth presentation. Marti will discuss the many components of Remote Viewing-  what it is and how it is developed. Learn basic skills to Remote View yourself and find out more about the psychic skill. She will also discuss a bit of the history of Remote Viewing – the Stargate Military Project and its involvement with the CIA. Learn the basic steps and “how to” view remotely using PSI skills taught by Ingo Swann. Once the basics of Remote Viewing has been introduced, she’ll take the audience through an actual remove viewing session.

Marti Melville Angeloni  is an acknowledged spiritualist, who employs the power of intuition, imagery, and advisement in her practice. She has recently been recognized as a powerful remote viewer, trained in the original Stargate Military Project CRV processes. Marti has also studied parapsychology through the Rhine Education Center.  Marti is a certified forensic nurse specialist (pending) and has been trained in psychic investigation. Her skills have been used by local and foreign police departments for information in unsolved criminal cases. 


A short Q&A concludes the presentation This is a fascinating psychic skill that everyone possesses, and with a little practice, you too, can Remote View!

Please Note: The cost is $20 per person, and does not include admission which can be purchased separately.

We are grateful to our sponsors
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