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We return to Central Florida, our home base!

New Mediumship Gallery with presentation about 'Life on the Other Side' from central Florida native Clairvoyant Medium Jerry McDaniel! 
Also, new workshops and speakers.  See below 

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Fair Hours:
10:00am-6pm  Saturday       
10:00am-5:30pm  Sunday           
Plenty of free parking ~ Food available on site

Discounted admission when you purchase online!

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Online Ticket Purchase Special:
Only $8/Day or $13/Weekend 

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We have a phenomenal array of vendors, practitioners, healers, and 

speakers set for the entire weekend!



  • Henna Artist

  • Fairy Hair

  • Animal Communicator

  • Massage & Reflexology

  • Face Painting for kids & adults

  • Lots of crystals

  • Kids offerings at vendors booths



Need to speak to someone? email us:

Special Guests at Spirit Fest Orlando

Aromatherapy Pioneer

Dr. Ravi Ratan

Dr. Ratan is one of the pioneers of Aromatherapy in India.  Author of  several books on aromatherapy, he has extensively studied the healing potential of natural plant essential oils.  He has also worked with many spiritual teachers & masters, where he received knowledge on the chakras.

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Historical Explorer 

Jim Vieira

Jim is an explorer, historical detective and host of the History Channel shows "Search for the Lost Giants"  "Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony"  and "Return to Roanoke: Search the Seven". He has also appeared on many other TV shows including 'Ancient Aliens' and 'History's Greatest Mysteries'. 


Author & Vibration Expert

Dr. Ana Harvey

Dr. Harvey's life work is in human phenomena.  A retired psychology professor, is is a Master of energy work and popular inspirational speaker. She assists people in identifying and raising their personal vibrational frequencies so they can create the future they desire.


 Faith Keeper

Jaryd Johnson

Jaryd is a  member of the Tuscarora Nation of New York, part of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee confederacy.  He is a faith keeper and historian for his tribe. He is an artist, musician and has worked in the film industry. He will be offering a powerful workshop. 


Psychic Medium

Betsy Perez

Betsy is a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Galactic Energy Healer, and Teacher. She has Communication with Ascended Masters and Higher Sources. She practices Energy Healing and performs home clearings. She teaches protection work; She is closely connected to Cosmic Beings in the Earth and space realms.

Special Offerings at Spirit Fest Orlando!

Create Your Own Spirit Rattle Workshop

Create and take home your powerful Buffalo Spirit Rattle!

Saturday, February 18, 10:00am-12:00pm  $33 

Mike & Angela Canady are sacred tool creators, energy workers & spiritual helpers. With their gentle guidance, you create your powerful Buffalo Spirit Rattle in this two hour workshop. You will gain a deep connection to your rattle through shamanic journeying. You will learn how to work with Buffalo to create abundance and to connect to your ancestors & guides. The Canadys are creators and owners of Spirit Rising, a wonderful business specializing in spiritual tools.  For more info on Mike and Angela: You can also find Spirit Rising on Facebook.


Inside the Afterlife: Mediumship Gallery
& Presentation 
with Clairvoyant Medium
Jerry McDaniel

Saturday, February 18, 12:00-2:00pm   

$20 - A two hour presentation

Attendees will receive messages from the Other Side.

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Ever wonder where we go when we die?  Hear about existence on the other side from long-time Clairvoyant Medium - a channel for those who have crossed over. Jerry describes our existence beyond the five senses, where the afterlife is, based on the thousands of readings he has given.  Learn what those on the other side want us to know, through his interactions and communications with Spirit. Everyone in attendance will receive a message from Spirit, either verbal or written.

Jerry McDaniel is extremely accurate and detailed with information from those that have crossed over. His loving and gentle spirit lends to the peace and spiritual presence of the gathering. For more information on Jerry

Seating is limited to 50 people, so please pre-register.  Walk-ins are welcome if there are seats available.

Children are welcome if they have an interest in the subject matter and can sit for 2 hours.  


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Two great talks with History Channel Star
Historical Explorer Jim Vieira

The Lost World of Edgar Cayce: Atlantis, Lemuria & the Spiritual Secrets of the Ancients

Saturday, February 18, 2:00pm-4:00pm  $10

Jim will show compelling evidence of lost lands, hidden records and spiritual secrets of the ancient world. He shares over 30 years of investigation into ancient mysteries, the writings of the great mystics and the decoded teachings of the spiritual masters throughout history. Learn about human history through the lens of Edgar Cayce's fascinating readings of the Akashic Records and their relevance for us today.

The Lost World: Gods, Giants and Megalithic Marvels

Sunday, February 19, 12:00pm-2:00pm  $10                           

Both Jim Vieira talks only $15!

Jim will share his travels and research around the globe to bring to light a missing chapter of human history. Not only did giants appear to have existed in ancient times but they left a legacy of astounding and incomprehensible stonework from Peru to Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Worldwide traditions state that the “Gods” or the “Engineers” created giants and humans by virtue of genetic manipulation. Find out the truth from secret society sources, religious documents, oral traditions and the great mystics about a world where myth meets reality.

Jim Vieira is a stonemason, explorer, historical detective and host of the History Channel shows -“Search for the Lost Giants” (2014) “Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony” (2015) and “Return to Roanoke: Search the Seven” (2016). He has also appeared on Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates (2017), Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox (2018), Travel Channel’s Code of the Wild (2019), Science Channel’s Uncharted (2019), History Channel’s Ancient Aliens (2019,2020) and Expedition Bigfoot (2021). He is co-author of Giants on Record (2014) and The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain with Hugh Newman (2021).  He also appears on Ancient Aliens (2023) as well as History's Greatest Mysteries (2023).


Native American Wisdom & Philosophy
with Faith Keeper Jaryd Johnson

Learn about sacred wisdom and philosophy of Native American teachings.

Saturday, February 18, 4:00pm-6:00pm  $20

This special event will begin with an introduction and background on Native American speaker by Jaryd Johnson "He who holds the people". He'll open with a spiritual song to invite positive energy and connection into the room.  Jaryd will go in depth into Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) spirituality and sciences, also Natural philosophy of the human being and vibration. You'll also hear about the Haudenosaunee creation story and Tuscarora contributions to the Constitution of the United States and society. The talk will end with a tribal song and prayer with time for questions and answers. 

Jaryd is a  member of the Tuscarora Nation of New York, part of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee confederacy.  He is a faith keeper and historian for his tribe. He is an artist, musician and has worked in the film industry.

Parenting High Vibrational Children
with "The Energy Nurse" Carolyn Green, RN


A practical and informational workshop for those parenting gifted children.

Sunday, February 19, 10:00am-12:00pm  $15


This class will discuss the characteristics of High Vibrational Children as well as the parenting challenges and techniques of raising a high vibrational child.  We will briefly discuss the differences between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and Starseeds and even touch upon the autistic spectrum.  Several fun, simple and engaging tools will be taught that will be helpful to parent and the highly empathic child to create a deeper understanding of how they function and helping to gain control of the special needs they require.

About your event facilitator:   Since very young Carolyn was able to see and sense energy around her. As a nurse, and Certified Energy Practitioner, she integrates all her training healing  and teaching practice.  Known as the “Energy Nurse “, she is an author, speaker and Life Coach and practices in Orlando Fl.  For more on Carolyn

Vibrational Frequency Workshop
with "Dr. Phenomena" Dr. Ana Harvey

If you want a better life experience, get on the fast track

and change your vibrational frequency today!

Sunday, February 19, 2:00pm-4:00pm  $30 

Every person, and the entire world is made up of 100% energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency is a vibrational signature and an energetic blueprint that determines what is attracted and can be manifested into the person’s life. This is because you cannot bring your desires, dreams and wishes into your life, unless you are vibrating at the frequency of those dreams, wishes and desires. Energy does not bring us what we want. Energy only brings us who we are. Who we are – depends on the vibrational signature, and determines your life experience. In this workshop participants will work with energy (LEP Frequency Tool) to learn how to identify and raise their personal vibrational frequency to create not only the life that they want, but the future they want to face. The workshop is engaging and information immediately useful. It includes personal vibrational frequency readings, and a Q & A segment.

Dr. Ana Harvey is known as Dr. Phenomena because of her life’s work in the life phenomena of human beings. She is a retired psychology professor, who holds a doctoral degree in Education (Grand Canyon University) and two Masters degrees, in Psychology (Northcentral University) and Public Administration (Marist College) along with a Bachelors of Science Degree (Marist College). She is a master of energy work and a popular international inspirational speaker and author of several bestselling books which can be found at In addition to seminars, Dr. Harvey offers instruction for groups and holds individual appointments to assist people to identify and raise their personal vibrational frequencies so that they can quickly create the future they want to live. Individuals can also take one of her courses and raise their consciousness to peak highs, at a rapid speed by using the LEP Frequency Tool.

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Relationship Workshop
with Mystery School Teacher Christopher Tims

Discover the Key to Empowering Relationships in ALL Areas of life • Personal • Professional • Spiritual • Romantic 

Sunday, February 19, 4:00pm-6:00pm  $20


What would our lives be like if we lived our relationships here in everyday life according to the Physics principles that govern all of creation from the very small subatomic to the Galactic & Universal?
Ideas that are discussed in this workshop:
•    The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are defined and how we can honor them in order to create lasting and dynamic       passion and fulfillment
•    The three dysfunctional, yet widely agreed-upon, foundations of relationships
•    The paradox of real love
•    There are three kinds of people in relationships—which one are you?
•    What is “the splash” and why it is essential in the maintenance of successful relationships?
•    Communion and communication beyond words
•    What is compromise? Is it a good thing?

Since 1988, Christopher has been reaching the world with his experience of the Eternal Teachings (The Original Way). 
With an extensive background in Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Secret Societies, the Original Mystery School Teachings, World Religions, Nutrition, Exercise, Martial Arts and Yoga, as well as being a specialist in The Power of Sound, Christopher is well versed, deeply experienced and quite capable of walking with you through the breakthrough you've been looking for.

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